Monday, March 12, 2012

Some days it's all about having fun!

After a long work week, I was ready to do anything but go home and make dinner. The weather has been beautiful and thanks to my friend Wendy (over at Wendy Will Blog) I was craving a frozen banana from Sugar and Spice on Balboa Island.

So last Friday I was on a mission. Pick up kid. Drive to Balboa Island. Have some fun!

Who says you can't have a frozen banana before dinner? It's fruit right?

OK, so our next stop may have spoiled dinner a little, but you can't go to the island without a stop at Balboa Candy. Seriously - you just cant!

Could this evening get any better? Was it possible to have more fun?

Oh yeah, it was possible. What kid doesn't love a new pair of Vans slip-on shoes?

What do you do for spur of the moment fun?


  1. Balboa is one of my most favorite spots in Orange County because of how unique every retailer is. You just cannot get a frozen banana or Balboa bar anywhere else!

  2. HA! Good for you! We should meet up there!
    And do you favor Dad's over the other place that sells them? We usually go to the one with the autographed photo from the cast of The O.C. but off hand I can't remember which store it is!
    And what store did you find the Vans in? We always hit Even Sisters - cute stuff!

  3. Hey Wendy, that would be fun to meet up there! I really don't have a preference, but that would be an interesting comparison and future blog post idea ... hmmm. We actually drove over to the Vans store on Newport Blvd. :)