Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tough Decisions

Sometimes in life we come to a fork in the road. We may only have to choose to go right or left, but sometimes we have another option - to continue going straight ahead. The hard part is deciding which way to go.

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I have come to yet another fork in the road and something is telling me to go right instead of continuing on the path I have been going. The path that I have known. The path that is straight in front of me. This path is comfortable, I know it ... but I'm not getting what I want or need.

Letting things go that we love can be difficult. Sometimes downright painful. Letting go of something that I have put so much time and energy into is not an easy decision to make. However, other paths have presented themselves to me and I want to see what lies beyond the bend in the road. I want to see the forest through the trees and all the beauty it has to offer. For so long I have only seen the trees.

I have not failed, because to fail at something means that I didn't try. Didn't try to do my best. My focus needs to change now and that scares me, but as with everything I have done in my life, I have no regrets.

I believe I will take the path to the right and free up some space. Remove some of the trees that are keeping me from seeing the forest.


  1. Michelle, beautiful. Hope, good energy and prayers your way that you have the strength to continue on. The forks in the road can be almost paralyzing for some people. I have no doubt you'll get where you need to be :-)

  2. Great post! The best decisions are sometimes the hardest to make. Glad you are going for it!