Sunday, October 23, 2011

Finding the Perfect Pumpkin

It's October so that means lots of visits to pumpkin patches. We are on a quest to find the perfect pumpkin.

Recently Dylan and I went to the ENC Fall Faire and Pumpkin Patch with a friend and her son. Walking through the trails of the ENC with the leaves crunching beneath our feet definitely put us in the mood for Fall. (Even though it was a warm day outside in Southern California)

First stop was the petting zoo so Dylan could get up close and personal with some furry friends. I think he has a magnet inside of him that draws him to animals no matter where we are.

Next it was my choice ... the butterfly house! The beauty of a butterfly is simply inspiring.

After spending some time at the petting zoo, playing a few games,and walking through the butterfly house, we headed over to the pumpkins. The search had begun and Dylan was determined to find his pumpkin!

These two blend right in.

This one looks too small.
After searching through the pumpkin patch, we finally found our pumpkin. Of course, you can't just have one pumpkin to carve ... we will be visiting another pumpkin patch very soon. Mom needs a pumpkin of her own!

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