Sunday, May 8, 2011

Who Knew LEGO's Could Be So Much Fun?

After learning some fascinating facts about LEGO's and seeing how LEGO's are made, Dylan's mind went into overload!

All it takes is a visit to the LEGO Factory at Legoland and the imagination of a child takes off. Hours of play using nothing but his hands and his imagination. Three hours of building with these little pieces of plastic resulted in a campfire scene complete with a rainbow tent and animals of all sorts. No instruction booklet needed, he just used his creative abilities.

Yes, that is a bat on top of the rainbow tent. The odd looking thing in the front? Why a beaver building his dam of course! What else would it be?

A monkey and an owl in a tree.

A snake, turtle and skunk family.

People around the campfire cooking a fish.

So proud of himself!  I don't think I could have done this if I tried.

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