Sunday, May 29, 2011

Preserving Memories

Children grow up so fast and as far as I can tell there is no way to bottle up those little humans we call our children. Our life. Our reason for living. The small hands that once wrapped around our finger. The small toes we once counted to make sure all ten were there. The small bottoms that once fit in our hand.

Sure, we can take pictures and create scrapbooks ... but what about all those cherished pieces of artwork that our children bring home from school? So proud of what their small hands have created. Who has the room to store all of these masterpieces? And if the artwork is packed away in a box, how are we, as mothers, to look at it over and over again?

The solution is what I have spent the past 4 years and most of today creating. Each time Dylan brought home a wonderful work of art, I took a picture of his creation and filed it away on my computer. Adding descriptions, the date he made it, and what he called the piece of art. Today, I have begun creating a photo book with Kodak Gallery. Starting at only $12 for a 5x7 up to $70 for a 12x14 hard cover book. Can you really put a price on preserving the creative memories of your child's artwork? I say no. For a mere $35, I have created a personalized 9x10.5 hard cover photo book.

Don't lose your child's masterpieces in a box someplace in the attic. Start creating your personalized photo book today.

Click here to see what I've done so far. Saving a few pages for artwork that will come home the end of June and then I will have the photo book printed. 

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