Saturday, May 14, 2011


For those of you who purchased a coupon booklet from Dylan, Thank You! He sold enough to attend Scout-O-Rama 2011 and we had the most amazing time. Scout-O-Rama is basically the annual trade show for scouting. Hundreds of booths to see with crafts, games, activities, cooking, and so much more... all run by the boys themselves. Many of the older boys (Boy Scouts) are required to run a booth and teach something to the younger boys (Cub Scouts) to earn merit badges. This year, Scout-O-Rama was held at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado. Beautiful day in the wilderness. Dylan had a blast and earned three more belt loops in the process!

Just one of the many bridges Dylan walked across ...

 Shooting with Grandpa ... a guy thing!

Cool bridge built by the Scout from Saigon!

He amazed me at his accuracy.

Dylan earned his Geography Belt Loop at this booth ...

They had the coolest obstacle course, military style, but Dylan did the course so fast that I couldn't get pictures. You should have seen how fast his little legs went through those tires!

Dylan did 10 push-ups, no problem!

And what would a scouting event be without some sort of cart racing?

Not the finish line, but the ice chests did stop him!

Last but not least ... a watermelon eating contest!

The perfect way to spend a Saturday with my Wolf Cub.

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