Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wii Love Christmas Morning!

We wait all year long for this day to come and the night before is filled with so much excitement that it is hard to sleep. The anticipation of Santa's arrival and whether or not he had been good enough all year long was all Dylan could think about. The only thing Dylan asked for this year was for Santa to bring him a Wii. He told me and Grandma that he didn't want anything from us, just the Wii.

7am and all smiles!

Gummy Bears from Dylan's Candy Shop in NY

LEGO Hero Factory from Mom ...

And what could this be? It says To Dylan, From Santa

As much excitement that Dylan had for this moment, my excitement and happiness was 10 times more. Being a parent and seeing your child's face on Christmas morning as they open "the present" from Santa makes all the temper tantrums, fighting over homework, sleepless nights, and doubting your capabilities as a parent simply disappear. 

 Dylan is so happy that he actually had tears in his eyes

I asked Dylan why he was hugging me and thanking me. He said, "because I am so happy and I can't hug Santa" ... if he only knew!

Now I must share a little secret. About a week before Christmas Dylan came walking out of his room crying late at night. He was so upset that he couldn't even talk. He was convinced that he had not been good enough all year long and that he "did not deserve" to get a Wii from Santa. Once he calmed down a little, he told me Remember when I didn't listen to you, and when I had to go to the principal's office, and when I didn't clean my room ... he went on and on. I tried to assure him that those were small things compared to all the good things he had done and that it was up to Santa to decide if he deserved a Wii. He decided to leave Santa a present with his cookies in hopes that he would earn some bonus points. I have never wanted to tell him the story of Santa so badly as I did that night.
Now you understand why the tears came Christmas morning. <3

Yes, the clock on the DVR says 9:28 am  Presents are opened, Mom has her coffee, and Dylan is setting up the Wii

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  1. that is just so very sweet ... so glad Santa brought him the WII