Friday, January 28, 2011

Bon Appetit!

Who knew Dylan would be such a natural in the kitchen! I know he loves food, but what a surprise when I took him kicking and screaming to Sur la Table that he was the one not wanting to leave the store. Mom look at this ... oh, Mom we need one of these ... Hey Mom, what's this? The child was simply in awe of all the cooking and baking supplies surrounding us. And I was ecstatic that my son was just like me ... at home in the kitchen!
Our small purchase from Sur la Table ...
Dylan actually came home and read this cookbook like it was a chapter book. The funniest piece of newly acquired knowledge was when Dylan said, "Mom, did you know you can make fried chicken?" Yes dear, you can make almost anything. Not all food comes pre-made from the deli. His response, "Well, you can't make cheese unless you have a cow. So can we just buy the cheese from the store?" 

Reading to me the ingredients and what we should make first. Together we made a grocery list and viola ... good home-cooking. 

Homemade Chili 

Buttermilk Biscuits 'cuz Dylan doesn't like cornbread

Now for the next meal Dylan informed me that I was a nerd in the kitchen. What? Yes, my son called me a nerd because I have so many gadgets, bowls, dishes, ramekins, and other cooking things. The plus side is he told me this was a good thing.

Before adding the sauce

I must admit ... Amazing dinner!
So we've done home cookin' and Chinese, so what's next  ... Italian of course! Dylan just loves his plain cheese pizza; however, I will take artichoke hearts, spinach, mozzarella, and a little balsamic/olive oil mixture over cheese any day.

Pizza Margherita

My favorite ... White pizza

As Dylan likes to say Mama Mia ... mmmmmwah and Bon Appetit!

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