Friday, January 28, 2011

A New Year Brings New Pets

As you may remember, Dylan lost his beloved friend Swim last February. Swim was a part of our family for almost 5 years and to this day Dylan still cries about him. After many talks, Dylan and I decided that Swim would not want him to be sad and that by getting a new fish did not mean he was replacing Swim. (Because we know nothing can ever replace that first beloved pet) Swim was such a happy fish, mainly because of the excellent care he received from Dylan, and even though he is in Heaven waiting to see Dylan one day it is time to move on.

Now choosing the new fish was not an easy task. The new fish could not be the same color as Swim because that would be too sad for Dylan. Two pet stores and almost 2 hours later we finally had our new family members. We have made it past the critical first three weeks and are now ready to share these friends with you.
Meet Fireball, Sea Baby, and Neptune.

Fireball lives in Dylan's room

Sea Baby lives in the hallway
Mommy's Fish Neptune lives in the kitchen

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