Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kids Say the Sweetest Things ...

When Dylan was 2 years old he received a book from my Aunt called "Picture Me To The Rescue". A simple board book where you put a picture of your self at the back. As you turn the pages you can see yourself as a Firefighter, Police, Doctor, Paramedic and Military. This has always been one of Dylan's favorite books; probably because he is the star of the book.

Anyway, he was going through some of his books the other day to donate the ones that were for "babies" so that he could make room for his new Kindergarten books. He brought this book to me and said that he wanted to give it to Sydney. When I said, "that's very nice, but this is your special book" he replied "I want her to have it so that she won't ever forget me" How sweet is that? I was beaming with pride that I have indeed raised a child with a good heart.

For those of you don't know Sydney, she is the daughter of my best friend Laura. Laura and I have been friends for over 15 years and Dylan calls Sydney his 'Little Sister'. She is 2 years old and I know that they will be lifelong friends just as Laura and I are.

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