Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Day at Sea World

What better way to spend a Saturday than at Sea World. After all, our passes expire in December so we might as well go one more time. Most people would think that a day at Sea World means watching the Shamu and Dolphin shows ... not with my son. Dylan only wants to see the Sea Lion show and feed the Dolphins, Bat Rays and Sea Lions. Other than that we walk the exhibits, see all the marine animals and we're done! This time I didn't even have to buy a toy ... all he wanted to spend money on was fish for the animals.

It was such a nice day too. Perfect weather. Dylan was the tour guide and he chose where we went from the map. I tried to explain the logic of seeing things that were next to each other, but it didn't work. We were all over the place! In most of the pictures his cheeks are puffed out ... this is because he wanted to give the illusion that he was holding his breath and swimming under water with the animals. The park was decorated for Christmas so this made it fun too ... helped get us in the holiday spirit.

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