Friday, November 14, 2008

I Am Special Day

Every child in Dylan's class gets to have one day that is all about them and what makes them special. A week before their 'I Am Special' day they get to bring home a little suitcase and fill it with their favorite books, toys, stuffed animals, pictures of their family, etc.

Well, Dylan filled that suitcase to the brim! He brought his books, Madagascar animals, his penguin and raccoon from his special shelf, sunglasses, rubber snake, Buzz Lightyear, USC pompom, baby blankies and more! After lunch and recess all the kids sit on the carpet and Dylan gets to sit in the teachers chair. All eyes are on him and he has the floor. Man did he love the attention. He got to introduce his family that came (myself, Grandma and Grandpa and he told his friends that his Aunt Stephie was in Italy and Spain) After showing all of his favorite things the class got to ask him questions about what his favorites were. When asked what his favorite animal was, the response was "Oh, that's so easy ... every single animal in the whole wide universe!" Needless to say that became the standard answer for everything.

Mrs. Campbell was surprised to see this side of Dylan. Apparently he is very quiet and not the Dylan that we all know and love in class. She said she loves to see the personalities of the kids come out when their family is there. We are all so proud of Dylan!

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