Sunday, March 23, 2014

You never know what will happen when you're feeding a giraffe!

Feeding giraffes is sort of second nature to Dylan now. He has fed them twice at the zoo and twice on a Caravan Safari at the Safari Park. So I would think that he could follow a few simple rules.

Rule #1 - When the safari guide gives you a bunch of leaves, hold them in your right hand. Keep your right hand down by your side. The giraffe will be coming up to your left side.

Rule #2 - Take one leaf at a time and place it in your left hand. Hold the leaf up and the giraffe will take it from you.

Rookie mistake of taking too long to transfer the leaves from one hand to another and a hungry giraffe who knows the routine, resulted in this ...

A priceless capture of Dylan in disbelief of what just happened and a giraffe who is looking for more leaves. I love both of their expressions!

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