Monday, March 10, 2014

A day of exploring the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Over the weekend Dylan and I went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park for a little adventure of our own. No meet-ups with other photographers, no special event, just a day to explore and have fun. This past weekend was quite warm, but we have been missing our animal friends at the Safari Park so we prepared ourselves for the heat and ventured out to Escondido.

Of course our first stop is always the rhino statue with an obligatory photo. It's kind of a tradition now.

Nairobi Station is always fun to visit and even more so when the kids from Conservation Corps are there teaching kids about endangered animals. Whether it's touching an ivory elephant tusk, seeing a giraffe vertebrae, or sizing up your hand to a gorillas hand ... there is always something new to learn.

Next stop, more adventure ... and it looks like Dylan has the right of way!

We had so much fun exploring and seeing our friends. We saw Wally the blue-tongued skink with her keeper and and Izu or favorite lion relaxing in the shade. We took a tram ride through Asia and Africa and saw Nola the Northern White rhino standing in the water. This pretty much made our day and I would have been fine going home. Any day seeing Nola is a great day!

Luckily we continued our adventure and got to spend some time with the gorillas while they were having lunch. Winston is such a character, Frank and Monroe had us laughing, and Imani has got to be the cutest pregnant gorilla ever. The keeper said she's due any day now!

Tiger exhibit is completely closed off now because of the final stages for Tiger Trail ... we have really missed seeing the tigers at the Safari Park, but know they are going to love their new home. Just a few more months and Tiger Trail will be open. An adventure without cats isn't very fun, especially when you are a big cat lover like we are. Thankfully Ken and Dixie were out to share their cuteness with the world. I can't believe how big they have gotten. (Pictures coming soon)

So much to see and so much to explore.

A day at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is always an adventure! 

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