Saturday, February 4, 2012

Family Time

There is something to be said for spending time together as a family. Not just sitting in front of the television together, but real quality time together. This doesn't mean you have to spend lots of money - be creative and think about what your child enjoys doing.

You may be surprised at how the simplest things, like playing a game of checkers with your child, will mean more to them than spending the day at an amusement park. It's the time when you turn off the television. Unplug from the internet. Put down the phone. (yes, I did pause to take this picture and was quickly reminded of the rules - No phone Mom) The time when you give all of your attention to your child.

This is what they will remember. Believe it or not, children pay more attention to the times we say "Just a minute" or "I can look when I finish my work" than we think they do. And before long, they will stop asking you to look at the picture they just drew - or the LEGO creation they just made.

Before you know it, your child will be too busy with their friends to even want to play a board game with you or swing at the park. I often wonder how my son got so big so fast - and before I know it, he will be dating and going off to college.

This may sound far fetched since he is only 8 years old, but these past eight years flew by. So who's to say the next eight years won't fly by just as fast?

Quality time can't be bought.

Quality time is priceless.

How much quality time do you spend together as a family?


  1. I completely agree with taking advantage of this time while you can. I know the days of them running out the door to spend their weekend with their friends is going to be here before you know it. I find it hard sometimes for me to seperate all that needs to be done around the house (cleaning, cooking, etc) and sit down with the kids but I am making a bigger effort to "let things go" in order to enjoy this time. Great post!

  2. Thanks Sarah. I'm doing my best and "letting things go" is becoming easier than I thought.