Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cub Scouts at the ENC

Dylan recently had his Cub Scout meeting at the Environmental Nature Center - which is one of our favorite places. Just when I thought I knew everything the ENC offered for children and families, I learn something new. The scouting programs they offer are incredible. 

Whether your son is a Tiger Cub, Wolf Cub, Bear Cub or Webelo, the ENC has a program designed for you that will satisfy various scouting requirements to get your child one step closer to earning his rank.

We participated in the Bear Cub program called "Wildlife Wander", which took our group on a 1 hour hike through the center with various stops along the way to learn about wildlife. While sitting around the fire pit, the boys learned about hummingbirds and how they live. Did you know that a hummingbird uses pieces of spider webs to build their nests? I didn't. 

Starting the hike and checking out the native plants
Stopping by the pond to learn about crawfish

The boys got to explore the center, play games, and learn about threatened, endangered, and extinct animals. The ENC Naturalist was so good with the boys and was able to explain things at a level that they would understand. Stopping at this picnic table was my favorite part - I totally forgot that we were in Newport Beach because it looks and feels like you are out in the wilderness.

Learning about conservation was the final part of the program and we stopped at another beautiful location to learn how the boys can do their part by conserving energy and water at home and school.

The programs are only $5 per scout and for an additional $1 the program can be extended for another 30 minutes to include another elective. Sounds great right? Well, it doesn't stop here.

While waiting for the parents to arrive, I picked up a brochure on the scouting programs and learned that the ENC also offers campfire programs, overnight programs, wilderness survival, and Eagle Scout programs - all catered for scouts. 

Do you have a daughter? No problem - the ENC offers a variety of programs for Girl Scouts too.

For more information on the ENC visit or call 949-645-8489   

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