Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Write What You Know

I started writing for OC Moms in late August and found that I really enjoyed writing for something other than my blog. I was able to reach a broader audience and start fine tuning my writing skills. 

If you have read any of my articles, then you know that I was mostly writing about things to do in Orange County with your family. 
(and if you haven't read my articles, look up and click the tab that says OC Moms Articles - now start reading) :)

Well, as much as I enjoy writing about fun activities and places to take the kiddos it was hard work sometimes. I would get writers block and spend hours just looking at the blank screen. Why was I having such a hard time writing about places I loved taking my child? Places that I knew readers would find fun for their families?

Then one day I was talking to a friend and she told me to find my niche. She asked, what are you passionate about?

I thought for a minute (insert light bulb over my head) and I said - Beauty, Makeup, Skincare. She said then that's what you need to write about. I pitched the idea and a few weeks later I wrote For busy moms: Easy homemade sugar scrub and that was where it all began. 

My editor liked it. Readers liked it. And the words just flowed across the computer screen - No more writers block. I was writing what I knew and it showed. 

I will now be writing weekly beauty-related articles for moms and I love it. Today's article talks about how at-home facials can refresh and rejuvenate busy moms

Future articles will include makeup tips, product reviews, skincare questions answered, and much more. 

Is there a beauty topic you would like to know more about? 
Let me know. It might just be the next article featured on OC Moms.

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