Monday, January 16, 2012

Beautiful You Mondays - Golden Globe Awards

Award season has started and the internet is filled with who wore what and who had the best makeup. Twitter was crazy last night and the blogs were posting in real-time. Today the fashion sites and newspapers are posting pictures and opinions.

Next week the magazine covers will be adorned with Golden Globe beauties, along with the famous best dressed and hit and miss lists.

My favorite had to be Nicole Kidman. She looked amazing. Showing off her slender, yet hourglass frame in a Versace gown with just the right color of beading to compliment her hair color. Nicole's makeup was just the right amount and her skin looked beautiful as always.

While I love watching for the dresses, the hair, the makeup, the jewelry, and who showed up with who - I noticed something very different this year.

The shine. The wrinkles. The heavy makeup on some. And the natural beauty on others.

Funny, because most of the pictures I am seeing today don't have these flaws. The talk of edited photos has been quite popular lately, including this "fake commercial" (made to look real) for Fotoshop by Adobe. This is just another example of how women can't always believe what we see in the magazines or on the internet.

I enjoyed seeing some of the older actresses actually look their age - Meryl Streep never tries to hide her age. While Jessica Lange looks like a plastic catastrophe. I love her as an actress, but I wish she would have not done so much to her face.

The one woman who stood out for me, more than just her face, was Angelina Jolie. Aside from her thin frame and gorgeous dress, her face is what seemed to look different in every picture I saw. Definitely not the same face I saw on my television. In some pictures her skin looks very pale and white, almost like a geisha. In  others she looks tan and flawless. On the television she looks shiny (even oily) and sick with sunken eyes and dark circles covered by layers of makeup.

Don't get me wrong - I think Angelina is a beautiful woman and I believe what she does for children and the United Nations is wonderful. I just don't like when women look up to these people and aspire to look like them when what we are seeing in the magazines is not always what we would see in real life.

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  1. I think I need photoshop on the day to day to cover my dark circles like Angelina. That would be fabulous ;)