Friday, December 2, 2011

Five on Friday - Christmas Wish List

It's December and in my house that means it's time to start making out that Christmas Wish List. The one time of year that you can ask for anything you want, no limitations, with the hopes that Jolly Old St. Nicholas will bring you what you asked for. The hopes that you have been good all year and stayed off the naught list fill your mind as you write out that letter to Santa.

As a single parent, I not only get to write my own Christmas Wish List, but I get to buy my own presents and wrap them too! How lucky am I?

You may be wondering why I do this. Well, Santa is big in my house and one year I didn't have any presents under the tree from Santa. Dylan was about 3 years old and asked me if I was on the naughty list. I couldn't have my child thinking I was bad, so every year after that I got presents under the tree and a stocking from Santa. This may be his last year "believing" ... so I'm writing my best Christmas Wish List ever. Of course, I won't be getting these things, but that's why it's called a wish list.

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl all year long. I have made my bed and brushed my teeth every night. I took Dylan to LEGOLAND and the zoo. We even took three vacations this year - San Diego, Monterey, and we just got back from visiting my Dad in Lakeport. I work hard and don't ask for much throughout the year. Please look over my list and bring me something special.

  1. Blue iPad 2 with iOS 5 and iCloud
  2. Citizen Eco-Drive watch with mother of pearl face and diamonds
  3. Frye "Jane" Tall Leather Boots - size 7 please
  4. Anything you can fit in your sack from Sur la Table
  5. A house with a washer and dryer and a backyard so Dylan can have a dog

That's my Five on Friday (no limitations) Christmas Wish List - What's would you ask Santa for this year if you could have anything you wanted?

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