Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Shopping Plan of Attack

Christmas shopping can seem like a difficult task for many people, but for a single parent - sometimes impossible. Finding the time to go shopping without the child takes some serious planning. Strategy is key.

I knew what I needed to get. His list was simple.
  1. LEGO
  2. Star Wars LEGO
  3. Star Wars
How hard can that be? Well, considering he already has every Star Wars LEGO under $40 I had some planning and budgeting to do. Imagine my excitement when I saw this ad in Sunday's paper.

A plan of attack was needed - and fast. At this price the shelves will be empty in no time.
Grandma can watch him after school on Monday and I can race to Target.  There are 4 Targets within 10 minutes of each other, so I have a good chance of getting this.

OK, Ready, Set, Go -

Enter Target and put on blinders. Do not stop at any cute purses or end aisles that catch my attention. Push the cart as quickly as I can to the toy section and find the LEGO aisle.

I round the corner and see the Millennium Falcon sitting on the bottom shelf. I actually see a glow around the box - calling for me - waiting for me.

Then next to it I see an empty shelf. No, this can't be. I needed to get Anakin Skywalker and Sebulba's Podracers too. This was for my mom to give him. They have to have one. Something tells me to bend down. I look into the darkness and I feel the need to squeal out loud. Laying upside down in the darkness was one last box. It was MINE!

My plan of attack is a success and it only took me 10 minutes from car to cart.

Now, to make this plan a true success I had one more item to get in my cart. Because of my careful planning I had called ahead to check the stock. There were only 3 left in the store when I called at 2 p.m. - it was now 4:30 p.m.

Would the Christmas Shopping Gods be on my side? Would I get the gift that I wanted too?

YES! My new camera on sale for only $99.99 was now bought and paid for.

Now at 20 minutes into the plan I was bursting with happiness. Nothing could make me stop smiling. I had accomplished what I set out to do and had time to spare. My son will be happy Christmas morning. Santa has not let him down.

Heading to the cash register I feel great. I have saved money since everything was on sale and saved an additional 5% because of my new Target Red Card. I had no idea there was a debit card option. Thanks for filling me in on this Roxanne. 

But wait, what's this?

Oh yeah, throw that one in the cart too. If my calculations are correct this is a freebie from the money I saved. I got LEGO, Star Wars LEGO, and Star Wars.

Mission Accomplished. 

Now, to figure out a way to get the giant LEGO boxes from the trunk of my car to a good hiding place. Next phase of the plan - find a good hiding place!

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