Saturday, September 24, 2011

Are You Ready for Another Manic Monday?

About a month ago I started posting Manic Monday pictures after a friend of mine inspired me to be more real with my postings and honest with my readers. Since then, I have had several comments and private e-mails thanking me for letting these Mom's know that they are not alone.

Although flattered, the real thanks goes to my friend Pam for being brave enough to speak up against the perfect homes, perfectly dressed people, and fabulous vacation photos that she was seeing on blogs. Not many of us are perfect 100% of the time and that's ok ... if we were, we wouldn't be human.

Starting this Monday, I will have a link up on my blog for you to share your Manic Monday posts or pictures. Whatever makes your Monday a little crazier than normal is what we want to see.

Is your home a mess with piles of laundry or dirty dishes?

Did you spill your cup of coffee down the front of your shirt as you were running out the door?

Has your living room been taken over by children's toys or video games?

Did your boss just give you a weeks worth of projects to be done by tomorrow?

Come back Monday and link up with me to help other Mom's realize they are not alone. Us Moms need to stick together to keep from going crazy.

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  1. Haha, us Moms do need to stick together to keep from going crazy! Wait, I might have crossed that threshold already...

    Gonna try my very best to link up, good idea!