Friday, April 8, 2011

Open House!

I remember being a child and getting so excited for Open House. This was the one night that I could really show off all my talents and hard work to my parents on my playing field ... my classroom! This year, the theme for Dylan's Open House was the ocean and all the wonderful creatures who call the ocean their home. Being the little brainchild that he is, Dylan volunteered to help each student with the research for the individual reports. The teacher gave him a list of all the ocean animals and he brought in his books (with pages marked for each student) and shared his wealth of knowledge.

I have only seen Dylan this excited to go to school a few times. He kept asking me if it was time to go yet. Knowing how much I love the ocean, Dylan was super anxious for me to see all of the wonderful things he had been doing in class. The classroom was completely transformed into an underwater world and I was so amazed at what Mrs. Fratantaro had done with the kids. Orca whales on one wall, jellyfish hanging from the ceiling, starfish and sea urchins lining the ledges, sea otters on another wall ... all beautifully made by the students. Oh, and the reports ... wow!

Dylan and his Viper Fish

Love this painted fish and on the back is a story.

Handmade with love. A ceramic fish I will treasure always.
I am so proud of Dylan. I can't wait for him to bring home all the other things he made!

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