Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dylan's Perfect Day

Take a child who loves LEGO's more than video games and who eats and sleeps Star Wars ... put the two together and you have one very happy boy named Dylan.

Imagine his delight when I told him that Mom wasn't doing any homework today, that instead we were renewing our annual passes and spending the day at Legoland. Wow, I do believe I just became the World's Best Mom! Dylan has been seeing commercials for months about the Star Wars Mini Land coming soon to Legoland and he has been begging to go see it. What an amazing day. Words can't even describe the things we saw today. From the spectacular sandcastle we saw as we entered the park, to the LEGO murals, to the life size Star Wars characters, and of course the amazing LEGO creations made by the Master Builders depicting scenes from the Star Wars movies ... WOW, what a day!

Yes, these murals are made from LEGO's!


The LEGO's were even in the trees!

Like I said, words can't even describe...

And what would a trip to Legoland be without a casual drive through the city? Learning all the rules of the road so he can get his drivers license.

Last but not least ... a priceless portrait of my Jedi!

And that was Dylan's Perfect Day!

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