Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy World Binturong Day!

A bintur-what? What the heck is a binturong? Well, up until a few years ago I didn't know what a binturong was either, but now that I do, I love them! Binturongs are these adorable animals that look like something out of a cartoon. They have the head of cat, the body of a bear, and a prehensile tail that is just as long as their body. Sometimes people call them bearcats. However, they are neither a bear nor a cat. They are binturongs and today marks the very first World Binturong Day!

Dylan and I had the opportunity meet Khi, a resident of the San Diego Zoo, up close during a special Presidents Association event back in 2013. Khi is a young male binturong who serves as an animal ambassador for his species. The more we know about these animals, the more we can do to help save their habitats and ultimately their species.

Binturongs live in the tropical rainforest and spend most of their time living in the trees. They have long coarse hair that actually repels the rain water, an adaptation that allows them to live in the rainforest. Although classified as a carnivore, binturongs love fruits and vegetables. The hibiscus flower is one of their favorite treats. Oh, and they smell like buttered popcorn!

By giving the binturong their own day, more people will learn about this wonderful animal and realize how important the binturong is to our ecosystem. To learn more about the binturong and how you can help raise awareness, visit

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