Monday, March 4, 2013

Reading for Wildlife update - Saving animals one page at a time

Well, tomorrow will be day 50 of Dylan's adventure - The half way point to reaching his goal of reading 1500 pages in 100 days to raise money and awareness for wildlife.

If you follow us on Instagram or on Facebook, then you have seen the pictures, video clips, and tidbits of his journey that we have documented.

Dylan has finished two of his selected books and started his third book today. So far he has read a total of 750 pages - Right on schedule. He has been very good about reading at least 15 pages a day, or if he has a lot of homework, he makes up for days missed by reading more on the weekends.

Dylan reads in bed ...

Dylan reads on the treadmill ...

So far Dylan has raised $290 from sponsors, but he still needs $210 to reach his goal of $500. 

It only costs $5 to sponsor one day of reading - the price of a fancy cup of coffee. 
If you can, and if you would like to help Dylan on his journey of Reading for Wildlife, please visit where you can sponsor him with your tax-deductible donation. 

This is Dylan's latest video from yesterday. You can see more video clips on the YouTube channel

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