Monday, December 3, 2012

Enadangered Species Monday - Giving the gift of hope

One of my favorite ways to help save endangered species is to symbolically adopt and animal and give it as a gift. This holiday season, why not take a look through the World Wildlife Fund virtual Gift Catalog and give someone more than just a present - give them the gift of hope and inspiration to save endangered species.

You can choose from 100 different animals and they offer six levels of adoption ranging from $25 - $250 so there really is something for everyone. World Wildlife Fund makes it easy to search through the different animals too. You can sort your searches by most popular, by threat level, and by region.

Selecting an animal might be difficult for some people, but World Wildlife Fund has made this easy too - you can purchase a Gift Adoption Card and let the recipient choose their own animal to symbolically adopt.

The San Diego Zoo also offers animal adoptions at various levels from $35 - $1,000 and a few limited edition holiday adoptions. The San Diego Zoo monthly Wish List is another place I like to shop for gifts. Although these gifts can't be wrapped up, it sure is nice to give two gifts at once. This year I purchased several gifts for the animals in honor of family members. Their gifts will be the gift of giving and I think that is the best kind of gift.

If you are an ocean lover, check out the Aquarium of the Pacific's Adopt and Animal program where you can symbolically adopt penguins, sharks, otters, sea turtles, seals, and more starting at only $10.

Most zoos, aquariums and other non-profit organizations offer animal adoptions. Contact your local zoo or support an organization that you like and give the gift of hope this holiday season. 

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