Monday, October 8, 2012

Endangered Species Monday - 5 ways you can help save them

There was a time not to long ago when I asked myself "What can I do to help? How can one person help to save the endangered species?"

The answer wasn't difficult to find once I stopped looking at it as something that was impossible and started looking at it as something that could be accomplished.

So rather than feature another endangered species this week, I decided to share some ways that you can help save endangered species. Little things you can do that will make a difference - things that will make an impact bigger than you ever imagined.

  1. Protect habitats. You can do this by following the rule of Leave No Trace when you go places. When you go for a walk, go to the beach, visit parks and nature preserves, heck any time you leave your home you should leave nothing but footprints. 
  2. Make room for urban wildlife. You can do this by building or buying a birdhouse for your yard or putting out a bird bath for the neighborhood birds. Plant a tree that will become shelter for an animal. 
  3. See the animals first hand. Visit zoos, parks, wildlife refuges, aquariums - anywhere you can see these animals and learn more about them. Learning about the animals and seeing what an important role each one plays is the first step to protecting them. 
  4. Get involved. Whether you join an organization and donate money or simply sign up to receive monthly newsletters and stay informed, getting involved with larger non-profit organizations will help and allow you to choose your level of involvement. 
  5. Talk about it. Yes, talk. Talk to your friends, family, coworkers - anyone who will listen to you. Tell them about the threatened or endangered species. Not just the sad stuff like the amount of rhinos and elephants being poached, but the good stuff too, like the success story of the California Condor. 
What do you do to help protect and save endangered species?

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