Friday, June 8, 2012

My Thank You Letter to the Ocean

Dear Ocean,

Today we celebrate you and all your beauty. From the blue-green waters of the Caribbean to the deep blue darkness at your depths. From your calm glassy surface to the rough waves you produce during a storm. You are an integral part of the earth and the ecosystem would be off balance without you. Covering 75% of the world's surface, you truly are amazing.

You provide a home to millions of fish, marine mammals, plants, and so much more. Your vastness can even make the world's largest living animal, the blue whale, look small.

Without the ocean, there would be no "happy place" for me. For you see, whenever I need time to think or to clear my head - I simple go to you. The sound your crashing waves make against the shore and the salty smell you give to the air give me serenity.

Because I can never see where you end, you give me hope. Hope that there is something more to be discovered. Hope that one day you will not be used as a trash can, but rather respected as a home to other living creatures.

In honor of you, I will share your beauty with those around me. I will never forget the power you have to give life as quickly as you can take life away. Tonight, I will get lost in the tranquility that you possess when I watch Disneynature Oceans - one of my favorite documentaries.

Today, on World Oceans Day, I thank you.

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