Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Child's Love

We love our children before they are even born. When a child asks, "How much do you love me?" the answers can be endless.

This much ...
To the moon and back ...

To the ends of the earth ...
To infinity and beyond ...
More than anything in the whole wide world ...

These are just a few of the answers I have given Dylan when he asks me how much I love him. Can a parent really put into words how much love they have for their child? I can honestly answer No, I can't. I would do just about anything for my son. I would step in front of a moving vehicle and die for my son if it meant he lived.

Now reverse the question and the answer can drastically change. You're mean. You're not being fair. How come you never let me do that. As children, we never fully understand why our parents do the things they do; however, as parents we have that ah-ha moment.

Recently, Dylan decided that he and I would start a new tradition. Each night we say something nice about each other and finish with a hug and I love you. So far I have been told ...

Your eyes are as green as emerald gems.
If I could have any mom in the world, I would chose you.
Your hair is as soft as silk.
I'm proud of you.
You're one "hot momma"

Regardless of what he says, he melts my heart. The love a child has for his or her mother is also something that is not easily put into words. I cherish each minute, each day, and each year I have with Dylan and my world would be empty without him.

Sometimes it is not simply saying "I love you" ... but putting that love into words of expression.


  1. Thank you Shelby. I didn't mean to make you cry though.