Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

As I sit here in the quiet, drinking my coffee at 10:00 am, I am reminding myself how lucky Dylan and I are. Sure, 2009 was a tough year ... but we also had some great things happen. I went back to school in January to get my Bachelors degree in Psychology; I got a new job with the NMUSD in February; Dylan started 1st grade; we have a nice apartment (finally furnished the way we want it); got to spend 2 weeks in Hawaii this summer; made numerous trips to Disneyland, Sea World, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park, and Legoland (phew, thank God for annual passes); survived the Swine Flu; and lastly had a wonderful Christmas.

New Year's Eve was a quiet night at home, with all of Dylan's favorite New Year munchies; that is until he ran outside at midnight yelling as loud as he could! Dylan stayed up until 2 am with me last night to ring in the new year, which is the only reason he is still sleeping, and today we are going to relax and enjoy the day. I have never been good with New Year resolutions, so this year I will keep it simple. Love my child the best I can, play with my child in childlike ways, continue to do my best in school, and keep up with this blog on a regular basis!

Welcome 2010, and to all of our friends and family we wish you a safe, healthy, and prosperous year!

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  1. Your post made me teary ... glad you two had fun last night and I love your resolutions ... they are great ... Happy New Year!!!